3 Unexpected Habits That Can Lead to Rapid Weight Gain

When trying to lose weight, seeing the pounds moving in the wrong direction can be disheartening. Even if you’re eating well and cutting calories, there are a few surprising factors to weight loss (and gain!) you may be missing.

Here are three innocuous habits to watch out for if you want to drop that weight once and for all.

Skipping Meals

Most nutritionists agree that skipping meals is indirectly a huge cause of weight gain, not weight loss.

A study of 25,000 Japanese students showed that skipping dinner is by far the worst culprit.

When you skip an important meal of the day, your body gets way hungrier and you may overeat. Stick to three healthy meals a day and the weight will fall right off.

Changing Sleep Habits

Getting enough quality sleep every night is a vital aspect of losing weight. These missed hours of sleep result in your body craving the energy in refined carbs and sugars during the day.

When you change your sleeping habits, your body produces more of the hormone ghrelin and less leptin. The former makes you feel hungrier, and the latter tells your body you’re full.

New Dishware and Glasses

Surprisingly enough, buying a brand-new set of dishes can lead to rapid gain weight. When you eat at home, you become accustomed to filling your glass and plate to certain proportions.

Using a different sized plate or bigger glass may increase your calorie intake and lead to a spike on the scales.

Brand-New Body

When you get less REM sleep, you become more tired than usual and immediately reach for calorie-dense foods. Don’t bother trying to lose weight by skipping meals. And pay attention to the little things. Even new dishes present a risk.

Be aware of these habits and you’ll dodge a vicious cycle of cravings and crashes, so you can easily avoid putting on the pounds.

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