3 Anti-inflammatory Foods to Help You Lose Weight

What you eat everyday has a direct effect on your attempt to lose weight. Some meals can assist in decreasing your waistline and others can outright pack on the pounds. There are certain foods that can worsen inflammation of the body, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. More scientific research is needed in this area of study, but it’s been suggested there is a link between obesity and inflammation.

Eating the right foods can help you reduce inflammation. Here are three anti-inflammatory foods you should start putting on your plate.


Salmon is widely regarded as an anti-inflammatory food. Containing high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and coupled with high protein content, this fish will keep your appetite sustained and help repair and grow your muscles.


This wonder nut contains high amounts of omega-3 and ellagic acid which is what gives it many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A study deduced that eating walnuts everyday reduces inflammation and is a good dietary choice for decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Aside from its high vitamin and mineral content, the humble tomato contains a source of lycopene. This anti-inflammatory will help reduce inflammation within your body and help you as you lose weight.

This is because tomatoes contain few calories and have high amounts of fiber in them. This both aids your digestive system and helps you feel fuller for longer. If added to your plate, you’ll only benefit from its anti-inflammatory and appetite clenching abilities.

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