19 Essential Oils and Their Uses

19 Essential Oils and Their Uses

Have you wondered if there were essential oils that help with colds and other symptoms? Look no further. Here’s a list of 19 essential oils and what they help alleviate.

1. Tea Tree Oil

It kills bacteria and viruses when applied to your skin or mixed with your bathwater.

2. Thyme

Rub thyme oil on your chest or inhale as steam to reduce coughing.

3. Lavender

Consider diffusing lavender oil to help with relaxation and falling asleep.

4. Sandalwood

Inhale the steam to relax or if you have a sore throat.

5. Spearmint

Diffuse or apply to your skin as a muscle relaxant or to ease congestion.

6. Nutmeg

You can massage nutmeg oil to the neck, temples, or chest if there is pain or soreness.

7. Clary Sage

Clary sage oil can help with a cold by diffusion.

8. Clove

Breathe in the steam to soothe sinus problems.

9. Lemon

Cold sores, lost appetite, and a lack of energy are reasons to spray some lemon oil in your room.

10. Ginger Root

Are you having breathing troubles? Diffuse some ginger oil.

11. Bergamot

Bergamot oil is an excellent choice for boosting your mood when sprayed or diffused.

12. Geranium

The vapors are helpful for chest congestion, but rubbing works too.

13. Chamomile

Its vapors help with headaches.

14. Rosemary

A rosemary oil rub helps with aching muscles, sinus pressure, and the occasional headache.

15. Eucalyptus

Clear sinuses by inhalation or using a warm compress.

16. Peppermint

Dilute with a carrier oil and can rub it on your chest or temples for relaxation.

17. Frankincense

Use frankincense oil with a warm compress on your chest or over the sinuses and ears for relief.

18. Oregano

Oregano oil can be rubbed behind your ears or on the throat.

19. Cinnamon

Cinnamon oil is a powerful disinfectant to be spread around the room.

Essential oils aren’t cure-alls, and you shouldn’t use them excessively. They’re also not safe for everyone, including babies, pregnant women, and some pets.

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