10 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

10 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil doesn’t just smell good, it has some effects you might not know of. You can use it in many different ways. Here are the top 10 possible benefits of this wonderful essential oil.

1. Aromatherapy

Orange essential oil is fragrant, and the aroma helps you relax while enhancing your mood. You’ll also get improved sleep quality.

2. Kills Bacteria

Killing bacteria and fungi is another benefit of orange essential oil.

3. Pain Relief

Labor pain is possibly eased with the help of this oil, according to a government study.

4. Athletic Performance Boost

Consider using orange essential oil to reduce fatigue and help with recovery.

5. Healthy Hair

By applying some orange essential oil to your hair, you get some antioxidants that give your hair a needed boost.

6. Glow-Up

Beautiful skin can be yours by applying the oil topically, and you may even reduce acne.

7. Anticarcenogenic Properties

The antioxidants in orange essential oil can fight free radicals, which theoretically makes the oil anticarcinogenic.

8. Chase Bugs Away

The orange smell is effective at chasing pests away, so you can consider it a natural form of bug repellent. It’s best applied to your skin (when diluted properly) or used in a candle diffuser.

9. Helps With Weight Loss

This benefit is more theoretical now, but a study on rats showed them losing weight despite being on a high-fat diet.

10. Anxiety Relief

Speaking of diffusers, inhaling some types of orange essential oil can help reduce anxiety. The compound limonene is thought to be responsible.

11. Bonus: Cleans Whiteboards

A bit of orange essential oil on a paper towel or rag will wipe away those stubborn marks and leave your whiteboard clean and smelling fresh.

These benefits aren’t all concrete, as more research is necessary. However, orange essential oil is considered safe and beneficial to your health.

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